Jerilyn BrownMs. Brown, No Bull Teacher is a website that came out of the need for professionals and parents alike to have a place to go for real and practical help when dealing with troubled, fragile children who often act out, don’t think the rules apply to them, and lack socially appropriate skills to be successful.

Ms. Brown recognizes that to say she is a No Bull Teacher is a bold statement.  She also recognizes there are many teachers who can be characterized as No Bull Teachers.  She strongly believes one of the most essential things we can do for children is to be consistent.  Teachers and other adult leaders need to be like the elephant in the famous Dr. Seuss book, Horton Hatches the Egg, when he says,     “I meant what I said and I said what I meant…”  Due to this belief and her dedication to this philosophy, Ms. Brown once had a parent tell his son in front of her, “Son, this is your no bull**** teacher.  Don’t mess with her, she means what she says.” She still thinks that this comment is one of the nicest things ever said about her as an educator.

This website also came about due to a promise Ms. Brown made to her sweetheart, Ron.  For years, Ron affectionately called her “Ms. Brown,” and kept telling her that she needed to share her knowledge and experience with others.  In July 2011, just a few days before Ron passed away from Leukemia, she whispered in his ear she would start the business he always encouraged her to do.  Ms. Brown, the No Bull Teacher is the result of that promise.

Important Information About This Website:

• In order to respect the privacy of my students and be in compliance with FERPA, no actual student names will be used in the stories I tell.  I will always use Henry, Ginger, Otis, or Cloie.  If a story and name sound familiar it is purely coincidental.  I have never taught any students with these names.

• If there is a topic you would like to have discussed, or you would like to respond to my post please email me at jerilyn@msbrownnobullteacher.com

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• This site is not a place to complain.  There is enough negativity in the world.  I don’t feel a need to contribute to it.

This is to be a place to come to read about my day: how I handled the desk being thrown, the student who yelled at me about how I deserved to be a widow, or how I handled the student who used inappropriate language up to 20 times in one hour.  If you have a story to share, let me know so I can incorporate it. It is also a place to get general and specific information regarding difficult and fragile youth.   I want us to learn from each other.  We should all be learning from our students.

• This is a place to go for help, a laugh or two, and at times, some courage to get up and go back into your classroom the next day and be grateful you get to spend time with these wonderful people.

• I have created a level system called The No Bull Method: An Effective Behavior Management System Taught with Intention.  I have used it in my classroom for years, have made modifications, and have shared it with many other teachers.  It is a method I have devised out of the need to help difficult children learn to make better choices and learn to be accountable for whatever choices they make.

• The concepts discussed here can help parents, too.  I have many parents ask me about behavior management issues.

• This site will also have topics addressed by other professionals with an emphasis on behavior, social, and emotional issues.

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