Autism Awareness Month

Many of you have probably noticed that I haven’t been blogging as of late.   My website Autism Awarenesshad a technical issue that caused several subscribers to not receive my posts.  It took us a few weeks to realize this was going on and a few months to fix the problem.  On the upside, none of you was ever in danger with the issue.  On the downside, when it was fixed, several subscribers’ names were lost.  So, if you know of someone who read my blog, please let them know we’re back and please have them subscribe again.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.   Of course, feel free to tell others about us, too.  Be sure to check out any past posts you may have missed.

April is Autism Awareness Month, and with the new criteria for autism in the Diagnostic Statistical Manual (DSM-5), we will be seeing and interacting with more people diagnosed with autism as we continue down life’s path.  Autism once affected 1 in 88 people; however, it now affects 1 in 68.  This is a significant change.

Due to this change, the book, Ten Things Every Child with Autism Wishes You Knew: Updated and Expanded Edition, by Ellen Notbolm, is even more timely than ever before.  She describes “ten characteristics that help illuminate-not define children with autism.”  It is an exceptional book and I highly recommend it for everyone working with children who have autism.

Here are five of the ten characteristics from the book:

  • I am a whole child.
  • My senses are out of sync.
  • There are things I won’t do and things I can’t do.
  • I am a concrete thinker. I interpret language literally.
  • Listen to all the ways I’m trying to communicate.

Get the book and read all the terrific detail and information Ms. Notbohm shares.  It is worth it.  Next week, I’ll be sharing a friend’s story-she is the mother of a son who has autism.  She gives great information and insight into being the parent of a child with autism, so you won’t want to miss it.

Be kinder than necessary, be grateful, and create a peace-filled week,

Ms. Brown


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