Create an Amazing Year

back to schoolHere we are back at the beginning of a new school year and I wanted to suggest five past posts I have written that many have found helpful in setting up their classrooms:

  • In The Hope Strategy, I discuss the importance of having a system in place to provide a consistent, structured routine.
  • One of my favorite lessons to teach (and I teach it every year), is found in the post Laying the Groundwork-Rights and Privileges, where I explain how I teach the difference between Rights and Privileges and then I refer to this lesson with my students the rest of the year (sometimes daily). 
  • To inspire my students and help them to understand and buy into the Five-Tiered No Bull System™, I like to tell them the story of my uncle Max (From Busboy to Vice President) and how he was so successful by exhibiting excellent work habits.  It is an inspiring story for young minds. 
  • In the Five-Tiered No Bull System™, every student every day, is required to write a personal goal.  I teach this valuable life lesson by using a program called SMART, and I love how it explicitly explains goal writing
  • The last post I highly recommend you read, or re-read, It’s About Time, tells various ways to use timers in your classroom to help manage everything from how long to work on a task to personal student behavior.

There is so much to be done in a classroom this time every year that I am going to stop writing so you can concentrate on reading these past posts and get back to setting things up in your rooms.  Because I so strongly believe we are in charge of ourselves, I am not going to say “Good Luck this school year.”  Luck has nothing to do with it.  Careful planning and strategizing has everything to do with it.  Instead, I am going to say, “Go forth and create an amazing year.  You are in charge!”

It is wonderful to be back to posting each week.  So, come back next week and read about Ginger and how SMART goal-writing and an explicit Behavior Intervention Plan helped her to be successful (this is a different behavior plan than I posted last spring).

Be kinder than necessary, be grateful, and make it a peace-filled week,

Ms. Brown

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