Jerilyn Brown was my son’s Special Education teacher during both his freshman and sophomore years in high school. My son can be very difficult; however, Ms. Brown was able to deal with him calmly. She actually made it look like it was a fun job to teach him to control himself using her program, The No Bull Method. She also taught him to never lose his self-respect. She never lost her cool. She was always patient but firm. My son had been going to a well-known psychiatrist since age three. Back then, the psychiatrist diagnosed him with autism. When my son reached his teenage years, his behavior deteriorated drastically. It was Ms Brown who suggested that his condition could be schizophrenia. Even though she isn’t a medical doctor, due to the data Ms. Brown kept on my son, she was able to make this suggestion.  The psychiatrist agreed, prescribed medication, and life has improved not only for my son, but also for our family. His experiences at the school he attends have also improved greatly. This past June my son graduated.

 V. V., Parent

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