Jerilyn Brown was my son’s Special Education teacher during both his freshman and sophomore years in high school. My son can be very difficult; however, Ms. Brown was able to deal with him calmly. She actually made it look like it was a fun job to teach him to control himself using her program, The No Bull Method. She also taught him to never lose his self-respect. She never lost her cool. She was always patient but firm. My son had been going to a well-known psychiatrist (more…) 

 V. V.,  Parent

After implementing the No Bull Method in my classroom, I found that Ms. Brown’s program helped me to be more calm and more focused when interacting with my students regarding their behavior.  I stopped taking their actions personally and realized it was not about me, but about the student learning to (more…) 

S. G., Teacher of severely emotionally challenged students

 Ms. Brown does not give the students fish; she teaches them how to fish so that they progress from frustration and helplessness to empowerment.  I have worked closely with Ms. Brown for two years. I have watched her take recalcitrant, rude young people and, through The No Bull Method, help them transform themselves into responsible, cooperative and polite individuals as they begin to emerge (more…) 


Ms. Brown has a true gift for teaching students who have emotional disabilities and loving them above and beyond any other educator I have ever known.  I have witnessed her students make phenomenal progress and be able to handle themselves on a comprehensive school campus like I never thought would be possible.  The No Bull Method program she (more…) 

 J. F., Special Education Instructional Facilitator

Jerilyn Brown is a special gift to special education.  This brilliant woman began her career at Utah State University and has continually extended her skills: problem solving, being involved and current with research, demonstrating compassion and sensitivity to others, exercising intellect and creativity. These, along with her system The No Bull Method help to routinely accomplish goals for disturbed and (more…) 

 J. T., Retired Principal of Thompsen School, A school for seriously emotionally disturbed students

Ms. Brown is extremely effective at classroom and crisis management in a way that is rare for this student population.  Ms. Brown has a never-ending commitment to her students and her program. Her expertise, in addition to her unyielding determination, encourages appropriate coping skills for her students.   As a mentor teacher,  (more…) 

J.G., Special Education Instructional Facilitator

Ms. Brown has tremendous sense of duty and responsibility.  She is an exceptional educator and one of the most committed people I have ever known.  She is always ready to give total effort for her students.  Her management system, The No Bull Method, has all the important (more…) 

G. J., Elementary General Education Teacher

Ms. Brown is an exceptional teacher working with behaviorally and emotionally challenged students.  Ms. Brown’s success with these students is in her ability to effectively manage her classroom and meet the needs of her individual students.   She has developed The No Bull Method, a system that makes clear for each student his or her individual expectations for behavior, work completion, and social interactions.  Its implementation (more…) 

S.M., School Psychologist